Lets’s Talk School – Week #7

     My favorite subject in school is science because we get to learn about new things and how those things work. I also like science because it’s fun doing experiments and new things. I also enjoy science because I learn things about the earth I never knew before. I can also learn about how chemistry works. This is favorite thing in subject in school.

Week #2 – Time to Comment

     The two blogs I commented on from briggs middle school were Piper and Ruby. The two blogs I commented on from the student blogging challenge were

Ruby’s Blog: http://melody6pm.edublogs.org/about-me/

Hi Ruby, I love how you put your family and what your family does. What instrument do you play?http://malika7pm.edublogs.org


Pipers Blog: http://piper7pm.edublogs.org/about-me/

Hi Piper I like your blog a lot someone told me to checkout your blog so I did and its awesome.


Gracies Blog: https://gracidelp6805.blogspot.com/2016/10/about-me.html

Hi Gracie, My name is Malika I like your blog so much. It is very high quality and very well organized.


Sarahs Blog: http://blog.elanco.org/davis934/about-me-2/

Hi Sarah, I like your blog how neat and organized and I also love how you listed facts about you.